The Story of a new TW3 member who went from homeless to making money in just 2 weeks – Episode 263

There are many webinars, podcast, and books on how to find success. Most are high on hype and weak on what to’s. In this episode you will hear the story of 1 new TW3 member who went from being homeless living under a bridge with her daughter to generating her fist sell in only a matter of days.

What you will hear in her story is what I share in the very beginning of the show. There is one thing that will create sustainable success in your business and building a team.

Degrees can Deceive – They can lure you into thinking there’s nothing else needed.

Credentials will Corrode – What you are equipped with today will change tomorrow.

Titles are Temporary – The environment conquered today moves tomorrow.


The only sure way to have sustainable success in life, business, and money is to learn how to apply what you know each day. We call that wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to take what you know and leverage it to create value in any given situation.

In today’s podcast you will hear the story of one TW3 member who has had her ups and downs, but never lost the true asset she always had to succeed, wisdom.


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5 thoughts on “The Story of a new TW3 member who went from homeless to making money in just 2 weeks – Episode 263

  1. Michael Cable

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Makes be feel like a dang fool for feeling sorry for myself and my situation.

    Please thank her for her participation and thank you for sharing.

  2. Lu

    I can so relate to her story. I went through a personal and financial setback that left me with no self-confidence, second guessing every decision I make This is totally opposite of who I was before this life event. I feel like I can’t get out of my own way, but I know I need to choose a direction and then go for it as I’m still in there… Thank you for interviewing her and God bless both of you.

  3. Theresa Isaac

    This is my favorite podcast. That is my story. I am coming out of a bad marriage too. My estranged husband took all the money and fled the country 6 and a half years ago leaving me while I had a health condition that caused me not to be able to work and a $150,000 tax debt because he spent majority of the money that was made from the business we had together. If it wasn’t for my family, I would have been homeless as well. I am back on my feet now and ready to get rid of him if I can find him and start a completely new life in another city.

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