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Inspiring Talk

Hear the stories of how others have overcome incredible odds to take control of their personal & professional life.

Q&A Session

Ask top producing entrepreneurs from various industries how they have found consistent, dependable success.

Live Training

Receive training from top income earners and influencers in the US. See and hear how they use various systems and strategies to build wealth


Take advantage of break out sessions for more detailed step by step training and strategies to grow your business. Learn from our top entrepreneurs 1 on 1.

Learn from top online entrepreneurs

Meet & speak with average people who are living above average lives through leveraging various online marketing tools, strategies, and income streams.  

Keynote Speakers

We have assembled a group of keynote speakers that will inspire, impact, and inform you on how you can take your personal and professional life ot the next level

Bill Perry

Bill is a consultant, speaker, author, and coach who helps visionary leaders grow themselves, their teams, and their profits by creating authentic, healthy, highly engaging work experiences.

Bill’s insight and practical strategies are built on the truth that as you grow, your team can thrive, your business can produce extraordinary results, and you get the freedom to pursue the life you’ve always imagined.

Simply put, “better you, better team, better business, better life!”

Chris Ruppe

Chris was the class clown in school and made terrible grades. This was made evident when he failed the 10th grade. Somehow, he went on to graduate from college and get a masters degree. He’s been a pastor, consultant, businessman, and has worked with several 501c3 organizations.
Humor has always been a key focus in all of his speaking engagements. It was only natural that Chris has found his way in comedy. He is both a public speaker and clean comedian. He makes people laugh by looking back on his past experiences of his childhood, pastoring a church, parenting, and the experience of adopting a child.

Terry Wilson

Terry is the owner and founder of TW3. He is a 25 year serial entrepreneur from multiple industries who offers tools, training, and technology to individuals and small businesses wanting to discover, develop, and monetize their business growth. As one VP of Mutual of Omaha put it, “Terry’s a rain maker.” His passion and high energy for personal & professional development has fueled an online community of thousands of entrepreneurs who he affectionally refers to as TW3 members.
In 2018 TW3 saw millions of dollars in new enrollments come and paid out to active reselling members. Millions more in revenue were generated from the use of the TW3 platform in RMP business and individual business. After 10 years online, TW3 continues to grow and help thousands of entrepreneurs discover, develop, and monetize their business and life. 

Meet Some of our Top Trainers

We have gathered top professionals, earners, and influencers at TW3 to help you Discover, Develop, and Monetize your Business!

Lindsey Taylor

Lindsey is a TW3 Elite Coach, and the owner of a small boutique she runs out of her home. She left Corporate America to focus on her family, but missed the thrill of the business world. She decided to find her balance with 2 home based businesses that she runs on her time, between chasing children and cooking meals. She now enjoys financial freedom, and plenty of time with her husband and children.

Gary Greene

Gary is credentialed as an Elite Sales Rep & Trainer level for 5 years.

He is a serial entrepreneur and enjoys helping his hundreds clients across the United States the ability to grow a business from home.

Gary has 20+ years Business, Sales & Marketing experience in his career.

This enables him to be one of the best in Coaching,Consulting & Recruiting within the TW3 Network!

If you are looking to get started with TW3 then Gary has a special TW3 fast track training for you!!

Helping Entrepreneurs Thrive in 2019!

Angela Martin

Angela is an author, speaker, and life transformation coach with an Associates’ degree in ministry and currently working toward her Bachelors.  Her passion is to see individuals find their purpose, live with intention, know who they are “in Christ” and walk in freedom.  
She was previously a legal secretary/paralegal for over 20 years, was part of the National Association of Legal Professionals, served as Vice President prior to leaving the profession and was nominated Member of the Year.  

Marc Griffin

Marc Ian Griffin is a Digital Marketing Strategist. With over 15 years of experience in the field of online digital marketing, he has worked with C-Level clients building recurring five-figure monthly sales businesses. Named as the Salesman of the Year by Chevrolet and awarded the Mark of Excellence by General Motors, he’s the go to marketer for sales and customer service locally and globally. As a retired 20-year veteran of the US Naval Service, he utilizes the skill sets he developed and honed during his military career. Creativity, resourcefulness, loyalty, and integrity earmark his unique style of marketing, sales, and consulting. Additionally, during his military career Marc received numerous commendations for assisting the underserved elementary children within his community with tutoring and supplying school supplies. Marc Ian is a Family Ministry leader at New Life Church in Virginia Beach, VA and has served in in the space of family ministry for over 20 years. He’s currently on track to complete his degree in Religious Studies at Regent University.

Jane Helms

Jane’s background includes degrees in Psychology with an emphasis on research and counseling. After raising four wonderful and responsible children, Jane reentered the job market as a successful furniture salesperson in the “Furniture Capital of the World”. She then moved over to the corporate world of sales and marketing with a nationwide marketing firm. After a lot of dedication and hard work, Jane became their top digital salesperson.
Nowadays, Jane’s focus and passion is helping other people every day – or HOPE. That means providing a pathway for those people who want to find a way to become successful entrepreneurs, and also help those who have once been successful and want to find a way back into that realm of success. Jane emphasizes is this: find your purpose, do the work, be persistent and become the responsible person you need to be. 
Find your Purpose, Develop it and Achieve Success!