Conference Details


Day 1 – Tues

12:00pm – 1:30pm – Check in at the conference center. Conference is held at the Building One in Downtown Greenville, SC. See directions here

Check in info – This is where information will be gathered to make sure all active TW3 members receive the new beta version of the TW3app. Please allow 10min for this process so give yourself time.

Bring a laptop computer with you.

Conference Starts at 2:00pm – Session 1

3:30pm – Break

4:00pm – Session 2

5:oopm – Break for the delay

8:00pm – All invited for networking event with Terry & Crew (location TBD)

Day 2 – Wed

9:00am – Session 3

10:30am – Break

11:00am – Session 4

12:00pm – Lunch Break (lunch packages served)

1:15pm – Session 5

2:15pm – Break

2:45pm – Session 6

3:45pm – Break

4:15pm – Session 7

5:30pm – Break for Day

8:00pm – Elite’s invited to meet with Terry (location TBD)

Day 3 – Thurs

9:00am – Session 8

10:30am – Break

11:00am – Session 9

12:00pm – Lunch Break (lunch packages served)

1:30pm – Session 10

3:00pm – Conference Ends


Building One is at the corner of Main St and East Washington St. Entrance to get into conference is on East Washington St.

IMPORTANT COVID Info – Out of an abundance of cation we will be taking measures to offer social distancing to each attendees comfort level. Upon check in you will be asked to pick a color button that represents your comfort level for interactions placed on your lanyard.

Red – Means I am practicing social distancing of 6′ and prefer mask when interacting

Yellow – Means I don’t mind elbow bumps and moderate interactions with or without mask

Green – Means you are open to hugs and non-mask interactions

We ask that you notice the attendees color scheme and respect their preference and comfort level of social interaction. We want everyone while at the conference to feel safe, secure, loved, and at home.