John Lee Dumas
John Lee DumasPodcast - Entrepreneurs on Fire
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Starting your own business is hard. Working paycheck to paycheck is hard. Choose your hard! Terry has made it easier!
Ray Edwards
Ray EdwardsCopy write expert - podcast host
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I love Terry's sound, look, and the positive message he continues to put out in the business space.
Bill Champlin
Bill ChamplinThe group Chicago
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Terry it was fun to catch up and chat. I love the vibe. Keep promoting and talking about great music! Hope to see you again at NAMM.
Neil O'Reilly
Neil O'Reillyformer ADA of NYC
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Terry is like the southern Columbo. He asked the questions and they gave him their business. I love how open and giving you are. The way you look at things and get into things has shown me a whole new way to live. I can't possibly say enough good things about you except that I love you!
Cliff Ravenscraft
Cliff RavenscraftThe mindset & podcast answerman
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When I think of Terry Wilson, I think about the come back kid. The way you bounced back from first losing your music business, and then having to pivot in your insurance business. Simply amazing. Now you've been crushing it online for over a decade! Congratulations!
Leslie Graham
Leslie GrahamWriter, Trainer, Author, Coach
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Terry you have made a huge impact in my life. I am so grateful God has brought you into my life. As much as you have poured out, I still feel like you are this pool of wisdom that we have yet only had sips of.
Tris Imboden
Tris ImbodenDrummer for Chicago, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, and Richard Marx
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Terry I love your show, your encouragement, and everything about TW3. I look forward to talking to you again and thank you for everything you do!
Mike Skiff
Mike SkiffLocal Marketing Expert
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The big overarching takeaway for me is you are the real deal. You're the genuine article. You live what you talk about. You don't just say, you can do this, you can do that. You actually run and operate what you teach about.