Another hard day at work

From busted and disgusted to happy and hopeful.

The story of one of our newest members joining our network of entrepreneurs.

Sheila like a lot of new people considering joining our business to work in our call center was very skeptical. Why wouldn’t she be? After being diagnosed with a disease that pretty much kept her at home all the time now, finding a legit job she could do from home was tough! It was very difficult for her to

  1. Find something she could actually do
  2. Find something that didn’t require bugging her neighbors, family, and friends
  3. Find something that offered true value
  4. Find something that was legit

Out of everything she found online it seemed everything was the same. All she could find was business & job opportunities that were more about convincing her friends & family to sign up for some lotion, potion, thrill, or pill then an actual real job. After trying multiple work from home job & business opportunities she had finally resolved that there was nothing for her.

sheilahstockphotoOne day while combing her facebook page to check in with her friends and family she noticed one of them were going to a free webinar on how to earn from home, and not have to sell anything. Well this intrigued her as she thought she had seen it all. She attended the live training and webinar and was fully blown away with how she could simply take calls, read a script, and make money from home. She left the webinar excited, and ready to finally do something that she would love to do, and felt she could do. She with full excitement & anticipation to get started enrolled. She purchased the software and training necessary to do the program she was most interested in, and went to bed.

All night she tossed and turned thinking how foolish she had been to even think about doing another work from home job. All kinds of fear and doubt started to enter her mind. Why would I do such a crazy thing again, she would ask herself. If experience had taught her anything, it had taught her that there really wasn’t any way of making real money from home. While some people may be able to do it, it obviously wasn’t for her. She continued to fret, and worry in bed to the point she couldn’t sleep. She finally decided to get up and go to her computer to see if there was a way to back out.

harddayatworkSMWhen she got to her email she opened the link to access her back office, training, software, and getting started package. She thought to herself, well I might as well see what I bought before I go into complete meltdown mode. She began to watch the training and noticed that even though there were a lot of different systems, and softwares, the one program she really was intrigued about was the absolute easiest for her to do and get started. She decided to give it a whirl and began.

She took the short training to get her call center credentials set up in the back office, and within days started taking calls. At first she was very nervous. This whole idea of taking calls from home in her PJ’s as a job had just felt weird. Her first couple of days were rough. She was asked questions she couldn’t answer, and what made it worse she couldn’t find the email system to send out the information being requested. However after the first 2-3 days she was getting the hang of it. While she had made no money, she could at least see a real business, with real people, needing a real solution she could offer. By week two she was beginning to feel a bit down. She had taken calls from over 15 people thus far, and had made no money. Her worst fears were starting to creep in again. Have I made a huge mistake? Now I’ve waisted money, and time. Nevertheless she kept going, determined to at least get her investment back.

By the first of week 3 something very unexpected happened. Someone she had spoken with on day 2 when she was still green called her back. They asked her a couple of questions and then decided to purchase her Plus Package. She tried to play it cool, and act like it was no big deal, but inside she was ecstatic. Not only did she make her money back, but had made an additional few hundred dollars. She decided then, this must be at least something worth giving a chance, so she kept going.

Sheila has now been in our call center for just over 2 months, and is averaging $1500 a week. All she does is take calls, read a script, and helps people onboard with a system that is right for their business needs. She wrote me a couple days ago which lead me to write this blog and said:

Terry – I just want to thank you for your patience with me at first. I know I must have warn your support staff out my first few weeks. I was so skeptical, and scared. I want you to know it wasn’t because of you, or your business, but I was just tired of being burned! Thank you so much! This is the best job I’ve ever had, even when I was healthy and going into my 9-5 job. I’m making more, having more time, and enjoying what I do. Thank you!

Sheila is not the only one, but just one of several people we’ve been able to help find a job that is right for them. If you would like more info on our call center simply go to terrywilson3.com/call-center now.

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    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Jewell –

      Every business regardless of industry requires 3 things.
      1. Product
      2. Process
      3. People

      In your business your service is the product, but you more than likely do not have a process that will automate your prospecting, and selling of your business. Because of this you lack enough people who are becoming clients. What my Plus Platform does is gives you a marketing system & software that will automate your sales & prospecting needs in order to gain your more people. You can see a demo on how this works by going to: https://terrywilson3.com/wordpress/how-to-book-more-appointments-and-close-more-deals/

      This 13 min demo should show you how our plus package works. You can get our plus package in our store at terrywilson3.com/store

      Terry Wilson3

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