Enrollment for Private Health Plans Ending

twpicACA enrollment for 2015 health plans will continue on till Feb 15, 2015 however private enrollment is ending next week. Specifically Dec 15th, as last effective date is Dec 30th. This means if you want a health plan that is not an ACA plan i.e Obamacare plan you’ll need to enroll soon.

Some people should really enroll into an ACA plan due to poor health, or very low income. However, over 90% that I’ve worked with thus far is finding better coverage for less money off of the government exchange. The reason is simple. Private non-compliant plans don’t carry such coverage as maternity, and mental health. Therefore ALL of them will be at least 30%- 40% cheaper. Many realtor clients of mine have been able to receive even more coverage for less money by enrolling into one of the plans offered through US Realtor Benefits Association. I have a page on my site that will automatically email out a quote, and show what a person could be saving. If you are not a realtor you can still go into a bundled group plan through another block of business we manage with at 89healthplan.com

When I first saw some of the plans I thought the ACA may be able to offer some value to many of my clients, but as this survey conducted and reported by NPR shows, there are very few winners the ACA plans. At this point I can only see one group of people benefiting with the ACA, and that is the very sick. Otherwise most people are better with a private non-compliant plan.

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