Is terrywilson3.com a scam?

One of the first questions many opportunity & job seekers ask is if this is legit. Well naturally nothing I say should be taken at face value. After all I have a vested interest in putting my best face forward. So let me give you a few things that you should consider in deciding whether to do business with me.

  1. I do business under my name, and list my national producer number with my Errors & Omission credentials. I think it’s important to let people know that what I say I put my name behind. People who are online trying to engage in nefarious activities will never give you their ID, nor be personally exposed in any way.
  2. I’m clear on my terms. I don’t ask you to engage in any business venture with me before fully understanding the terms, risk, and nuances of the business. You can rest assured I do business on the square, and put my commitments in writing.

Even with all of this though I have had people engage in a business relationship with me and then claim all kinds of things simply to try and strong arm me into renegotiating the original terms, or worse justifying their nefarious behavior. So let me offer this to consider.

  1. Most people who join our business and follow our training will find success, but not all do. Because everyone comes with various skill sets, experiences, and coach ability the results vary. We in good faith try to help everyone find success, but can’t guarantee it. I find that people who are wanting a get rich quick scheme will quit in the first few weeks if there’s parts of the business they find challenging. You will hear me in many of my webinars encourage others that they truly can see their financial goals and dream realized, but they must be committed to the process to making that happen. Most people quit on themselves way to easy and create a perpetual cycle of failures.
  2. There are no refunds, period. This is the #1 reason why we’ve had 2-3 people in the past 11 years of doing this just go ballistic. However this is explained up front, and there’s nothing we can do to change this. Why? Because at the end of the day what you are buying is software, and training. It’s not items you can simply return. When you enroll agents are paid to help support and coach you, and you are also provided software that is hosted on your own individual back office that has to be supported, hosted, and updated. This all has real cost that we can’t get back, thus we can’t offer refunds. We’ve had a couple crooks who simply put the system on their card, try it for a few weeks, and then try to issue a chargeback if they don’t like their results. We contest those, and win them. Don’t buy our service and software if you’re not committed to it. We won’t take advantage of anyone, but have safeguards in place not to be taken advantage of either. So crooks be warned. (link to an example of someone who tried to scam us)

There are real scams on the internet and we try to help everyone stay clear of them. A full webinar on how to avoid being scammed and finding real work from home business opportunity was done to help those looking for a real work from home business opportunity. CLICK HERE to see that webinar

Since starting business for my self over 20 years, and in this particular business since 2010 I found great success, and had the pleasure of seeing a lot of other agents find success too. You can hear from some of those agents and their experience by clicking here.

I also offer other job opportunities outside of what we offer here at terrywilson3.com. You can see what those offers are by clicking here. The reason I offer other opportunities is the simple, I’m not a fit for everyone and I realize that. For those who feel I might not be a fit for them we want to offer something as my goal is to help everyone I come in contact with to be able to improve their current situation. If you would like to see those jobs, and biz ops then simply click here.

Remember when you are making a decision on whether an opportunity is right for you please guard against being talked in, or out of something by the first thing you read on the web. When you read others opinions online ask yourself a few questions as to whether to give it merit or not.

  1. Is the person making the claims, or opinions offering their name & contact info. Anyone can say anything, but I find those that aren’t willing to put their name behind something less credible.
  2. Is the person able to substantiate what they are saying. In today’s world it’s very easy to simply call another person, business, or product a scam, liar, or some other derogatory name. Many times these types of comments are posted anonymously by competitors of that business.
  3. Don’t put stock in social media post, forums, and websites like ripoffreport.com because they allow anonymous post by anyone whether they are true or not. They are basically selling reputation repair to businesses to remove derogatory comments regardless of their validity. To me this is patently dishonest. Use creditable reporting agents such as the Better Business Bureau who are not trying to sell anything to the parties involved.

I hope I am able to help you achieve your financial, business, and income goals. More importantly whether you join any of my trainings, webinars, or opportunities you will find the content we provide a value to help you in your journey to grow, protect, and enjoy your business, money, and life.


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  1. Crystal Diles

    People just don’t want to take responsibility for themselves or their own decisions. Great business, great people, and I’m looking forward to going even further

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