I spoke to 28 people today, didn’t make a sell, and earned $250 in 3 hours – Episode 212

One of the biggest fears people have about selling is the fear of rejection. No one likes to be rejected, or made to feel like their not believed, not convincing, or not worth the investment. Today I spoke to 28 people. Not one of them bought anything from me. Yet I was still able to offer them tremendous value, and earn money doing it. They never paid me. They never bought anything from me, nor did money leave their pockets. Yet I still was able to make money. How did I do it? Listen to this recording when I play a live recording of a short phone conversation I had.

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      Hi Porchia –

      It really depends on what you want to do. We offer multiple opportunities for your to be able to start making money with us. We have hourly & salary, and we also have high income opportunities you can do from home. The best thing to do is go to terrywilson3.com/apply and speak with one of our reps who can match you up with the best job op for you.

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