You’ve heard me say it many times. If you want to go to the next level, you have to grow to the next level.

NO ONE will ever get to a place where there isn’t anymore to learn. If you are making $50k a year, then start getting trained by $100k earners. IF you are making $150k a year, then learn from the $500k earners. Regardless of your income, accomplishments, or achievements in life, there’s more!

Training is what I attribute to the success of so many of my reps, members, and clients. It’s not that I offer any tool, or technology that can’t be purchased anywhere else. It’s the training we are able to provide that gives our members and clients the competitive edge.

Here are some resources you can take advantage of right now!

audible_iconFirst and foremost know that leaders are readers, and earners are learners. If you are not daily consuming information on your industry, trade, and passions then you are moving backwards. That’s why I offer the ability to get a free audio book from Audibles from your favorite author, and the ability to try them out for 1 month free of charge. Take advantage of this. It’s free, it will make you smarter, and in turn will help you not only earn more, but enjoy more.



followupSMIf you are an entrepreneur, in sales, or in marketing then you know your ability to follow up with clients in a persistent, but non pushy manner is crucial to your success. So many new entrepreneurs are just simply scared how they can keep in front of their prospects without turning them off. That is why I developed this small, easy to read, step by step guide. This guide will give you the tick tock on exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. For only $5.97 to invest, you’ve got to get this information. Get Understanding the art of The Follow Up



500kDVDcaseEarning $500k or more a year just doesn’t happen. Even if it was inherited it won’t stick around unless you know how to put it to work for you in order to sustain an income. In this training video I show you a step by step business model that will diversify your income streams, create a perpetual vertical business model that you can leverage in any industry. This training is what I charge $2500 or more to train on in conferences, but can be purchased through my store for only $29.97. Get $500k+ Per Year now! I absolutely guarantee the information you learn in this webinar will take you to a whole new level.





If someone asked me what I thought my number #1 tool in marketing has been, and currently is I would say it’s my webinars. I use my blog, my podcast, and all of my software to really do one thing, get people to my webinars. Over the past several years I’ve been in the music business, the insurance business, the direct sales business, and currently own several business. They all are very profitable because of understanding how create highly viewed webinars with high conversion rates. If you want to see whatever business you in explode, learn how to do produce your own webinar. In this 1hr and 5 min training I give you the step by step on everything. You’ll learn what you need. You’ll learn how to put everything together, and you’ll learn how to do it. For only $97.00 you’ll walk away with over 20 years of presentation, sales, and marketing experience reduced down to a 1 hour step by step training that will explode your income. Get How to Create a Webinar A – Z now!




If you would like my complete training series, PLUS all the tools and software you’ll need to take your business to the next level then become a PLUS Member. As a member you’ll have all of the marketing software you’ll need to generate as many leads as you’ll ever need, PLUS you’ll have my full library of training, and you’ll receive 4 1 on 1 coaching sessions with me, and my top coaches. We are able to take our PLUS Members and put them on a path of earning $2500+ a week, or more. You can hear some of the testimonies of our members by clicking here. If you would like to become a PLUS Member then click here. Our PLUS Membership is $997, but we do offer financing through cashmutualstore.com for as low as $19 per mo.



Are you tired of trying job & business opportunities that simply don’t ever work out? Stop waisting money, time, and energy on opportunities that don’t fit your skill sets, personality type, and motivation. After working with over 2000 independent entrepreneurs I have discovered that each one is different, and needs different tools, training, and technology to be successful. That is why I have developed the Career Assessment Guide & Coaching Survey

With this survey you will receive

  • Questionnaire to assess your unique skills, temperament, and motivations
  • Specifically designed report to guide you on your best options to succeed

This service is provided via online via email. You may upgrade during checkout to have me, or an available coach offer you a 30 min 1 on 1 session to review your assessment, and give you some valuable insight on what opportunities you would find the greatest success in pursuing and the opportunity to ask questions.

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