Why I bought the Yamaha DGX-660B

  1. Price. At $799 I was expecting to pay $1500+ when I first played this unit. I currently own a Roland RD-150, a Kurzweil K2500x, and a few other toys. For the money this beats them all hands down.
  2. Sound. Built in speakers, high polyphony rate (piano sounds real), and super sounding instruments
  3. Action. With the graded hammer action you will not find a better feeling digital piano on the market
  4. Versatile. I can travel with this or I can have it on it’s stand. Works both as a home unit, or take on the road to jam instrument.
  5. Teaching Suite. With kids I love the teaching suite of software that comes with it. I can take any song any of my children want to learn, load it in the instrument and learn it or teach them.