Terry has been an entrepreneur now for over twenty-five years. He was recruited in sales while in high school and was motivated to pursue the career simply to make a car payment. He discovered a world that has since been his passion. Terry has a special ability to relate to his audience on various levels with both his humor, wit, and experience. What people will discover when listening, reading, and watching Terry is, he gets it. No matter what level of income, education, disappointment, or achievement the reader or listener has experienced they will relate to what Terry is communicating. There are many inspirational and motivational speakers and authors who have spoken and written on various topics; however, Terry has a unique ability to give strategic plans of actions that anyone can follow. 



  • Music Wholesale/Retail 12 years
  • Insurance 10 years
  • Coaching & Consulting 10 years
  • Speaking & Presenting 25 years
  • Ministry 25 years


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start Ups
  • Insurance & Real-Estate Producers
  • Coaches & Pastors
  • Executive Teams
  • Management Teams

From the pent house to the poor house, and back again if I can find success anyone can if they’ll only start the search. – Terry Wilson

Terry offers entrepreneurs & executives:

  • Actionable marketing strategies
  • Systems & Softwares to generate new business
  • Inspirational & Motivational coaching and consulting
  • 20 years of experience to help leverage new endeavors



Gary Greene
Gary GreeneGreenbacks
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Becoming a TW3 Elite Trainer has been the best business decision I've ever made. After 6 years with working with TW3 I can tell you the opportunity is real. Get in the call center and just take calls, read a script, and MAKE MONEY!
Marc Griffin
Marc GriffinCapt Quackenbush
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I found TW3 and Terry Wilson 11 months ago, right before I was about to start radiation treatment to fight a health situation I was going through. My thoughts were that I would use the system to generate leads for my insurance business which would enable me to get more done with less effort since I knew the effects the radiation would have on my body. Unfortunately, I found myself without a insurance business a few months later and only had my TW3 business left. So when life gives you lemons, YOU MAKE LEMONADE! I put all I could into what the TW3 system taught and what my body would allow. If I had not worked the TW3 system I truly have no idea how my bills and rent would have been paid. Now, 11 months later, I have made nearly $70k! My whole life is changing. We are still paying on medical bills, but my future and that of my family is sooooo much brighter now! Thank you Terry! It is likely we would be homeless if it had not been for this system and Terry's giving character.
Chris Miller
Chris MillerMiller Time
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I've been a member of the TW3 group for about 3 months now. I have never tried to sell TW3 so I cannot speak to that but I do use this program to generate leads for my own business. Since using the tools that TW3 have provided me and taught me to use, I have earned $34,000 as a direct result of these efforts. I love this community of like minded people, the energy that this group has, the collaborative nature, and functionality of the training. Access to everything I need is at my fingertips in one place, and my trainer has always taken time to help guide me and bring me along. Thank you Terry Wison and Gary Greene for showing me how to be a part of your world. It is a great feeling to be here.
Laurie Brown
Laurie BrownMiss Spelling Bee
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Terry is a wealth of knowledge! Terry feels like “home” to me, I am a Texas gal in California! He is the REAL DEAL! Great mentor and amazing entrepreneur! He has an top notch product!! Check it out!!
Tom Sellars
Tom SellarsTom from Chi-Town!
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I have found the perfect companion to… I have found the perfect companion to my existing business. I no longer cold call to generate leads for my business. As an added bonus , I now have additional streams of income I did not have prior to investing in the TW3 platform. I shake my head when I hear or read disparaging comments or reviews about this program. The instructions really couldn't be easier to understand and the amount of training available to everyone assures that the only ones who can't become successful are the ones who either choose not to follow instructions or just don't believe in doing the work.My advice is learn the steps, do the work, profit and repeat.
Troy Mullins
Troy Mullins
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To say TW3 is a life changer would be an understatement. I have been with TW3 for about 9 months and it has created an income stream that has certainly surprised me. Not only do the software sales generate a very nice side income, but I use the tools to build my insurance agency with new agents...AND I generate my own insurance leads for pennies on the dollar. Finally something that actually does what it says it will do! Thank you TW3!
Linda Wilson
Linda Wilson
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Living in a smaller, semi-rural town severely limits "job" options. I'm frankly not thrilled about the possibility of slaving for someone else for $12.00 an hour. The TW3 platform is complete and extensive, and I can use it to create leads for a variety of different industries. By attending the live training and watching the recorded videos, anyone with even a small amount of technical ability can use this program to make an unlimited amount of income. It's not difficult! I would recommend TW3 to anyone wanting to change their life. It's definitely changing mine.
Josie Grey
Josie GreyMiss Jozy
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I've been aan ELT member for nearly 4 years and a trainer for 1 on the Terry Wilson platform. Even when my family and I experienced hardship, this is ONE membership we maintained!! .the training and support are bar none. One of the wisest purchases I've ever made!! You owe it TO YOURSELF to check THIS one out; it's the REAL DEAL!!!
Joe Speers
Joe SpeersMr. Speers
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I joined TW3 back in 2015, and started as a Salesrep/trainer. I made money within two weeks of getting started after a 6 month period of not starting due to some issued I had to take care of, but once I got going, I made my investment back in two weeks and have been making money ever since. I upgraded to Plus member, and have been very successful with the additional ways to earn money with using the voice mail dialer and bulk emailer and unique web clicks available. It is a legitimate deal. with great leadership and training, as I am not a techincal person at all, but have learned a lot through Terrys trainings. I can do this as much or as little from anywhere in the US and it works for me all the way around. I have found Terry to be Trustworthy in every area... He does what he says, and it cuts both ways.
Trevor Eisenman
Trevor Eisenman
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Made Back My Initial Investment Plus within a Month Terry provides a ton of upfront value on marketing plus he explains clearly how to make money as a member. It's clear before signing up that it's not a get-rich-quick scheme, you have to apply the training and build up the sales momentum if you don't already have a sales pipeline in place. At the same time, if you've never done online marketing, you can still succeed here. There are multiple ways to make money as an entrepreneur. Literally, there is something for everyone here, IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PUT IN THE WORK AND THE TIME TO BE SUCCESSFUL. I made back what I invested in a month. Within 3 months I made back what I spent by 16X. There is so much value in TW3 for what it costs to be a member, it's hands-down the best system I've come across to get ahead as a marketer, both online and offline.
Michael Kzeski
Michael KzeskiThe Real Coach K
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Definitely A Great Online Business Opportunity I have been with TW3 for over three months now and have found the training and support to be first class. If you follow the process and put the time in to learn the concepts you will be successful. Thank you TW3 family for all the support and help.
Listen to the full story of how failure was converted to an asset rather than a liability