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Business Resources

Business in todays environment can be tough if you don’t have the right tools and resources. After 25 years of being a self employed entrepreneur I can definitely tell you what doesn’t work. Here are some resources I believe EVERY business should have to achieve their financial & growth objectives.

Why TW3?

There are several business solutions, consulting firms, marketing agencies, and business opportunties to choose from. However there is no platform like TW3 that ties all of the various business assets, tools, and training together within a single product. After 10 years of doing A rated business, our clients have the all of the tools, training, and technology they need for success.

Home Based Jobs

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or a beginning want-entrepreneur we can fit you with the right opportunity that fits your skills, experience, education, and temperament. Not all opportunities fits everyone, but we have several to choose from. 

Online Tools for Business

No matter what business you are in it takes qualified people who want, need, and can afford what you offer to be successful. You can get any of our tools from anywhere, but our magic sauce is after a 25 year experience of online business we can help you get up to speed quick. Insurance agents, Realtors, Direct Sales Professionals, and small business owners have been using our tools for over 10 years now.



You Are Worth More!

The words I heard as a teenager in High School that changed my life, career path, and destiny. In this book I share how these 4 simple words spoken to me by a Zig Zigglar recruit put me on a whole new career path. 



Free Copy Just for You!

Entrepreneurialism is the great equalizer. I am an entrepreneur evangelist. I believe everyone was made by, from, and for the purposes of GREATNESS! You are not a wandering generality but a meaningful specific! Please allow me the pleasure of giving you the first 4 chapters of my book to hopefully motivate you, inspire you, and encourage you to reach for and embrace your God given greatness. 

Coaching & Consulting

Mindset matters! We work with clients to help them discover, develop, and make an income from their unique skills, talents, and temperament. One of the tools I use and am a licensed practitioner of is the Myers Briggs Type Instrument, or MBTi. Using it coupled with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience we can help anyone take their money, business, and life to new levels.