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Notable Shows and Highlights

You Are Worth More

The story behind the brand and business. Get inspired and motivated to take your money, business, and life to new levels.  

Warning Opportunity Ahead

Learn how to bring value in times of crisis. This is a training direct from the You Are Worth More Conference.

The Art of The Follow Up

Statistics tell us that no one makes a buying decision on the first offer. It take an effective strategy to follow up to close.


About TW3

TW3 was started on July 1 of 2008 as “the next chapter” in the entrepreneurial journey of Terry Wilson. After pivoting from being in the online music and marketing business to the life and health insurance business one thing was very clear. A marketing system was needed in order to survive.

So Terry started developing tools and techniques to generate leads online for his new business. After finding tremendous success with those tools and techniques many agents within that industry approached him to train them. 

Over a decade later TW3 has grown to serve in hundreds of different industries helping thousands of individuals and small business owners take their money business and life to all new levels. 

Meet the TW3 Team

Terry Wilson

Owner and founder of TW3. With a world wide membership of over 4000 and over a decade in business TW3 continues to be a top performing business solution and opportunity provider. I am the luckiest man in the world. It’s an absolute joy to share this wonderful journey with our listeners and TW3 Family.

Reagan Wilson

Started with TW3 2015 in ticket support and membership support. He has since gone full time working as a recruiter, trainer, and COO now at TW3. Reagan is a sports enthusiast who likes to debate me about who the GOAT in basketball quite often. 

River Wilson

Joined TW3 in 2018 to offer membership support. He specializes in funnel builds, auto-response set ups, list procurement, CRM set up, and producing the TW3 Podcast. A car enthusiast and the subject of many comical breaks during the show. 

Gabrielle Wilson

Joined TW3 2019 to offer blog set up support and membership renewal support. While we to date have not been able to get her on the show, we believe eventually she’ll join us. Gabbie in short makes all of the trains run on time at TW3. She is affectionately known as Gabbie and is my princess. 

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