My Story

The following is an excerpt from my new book, You Are Worth More.


So, I showed up at Larry’s office, and walked in, to what I can best describe, as a shrine to this guy with a funny name. After coming to multiple training meetings to understand the product and learn some basic presentation and sales skills, my curiosity got the best of me. Who is Zig Ziglar? At that very moment I felt like I was in one of those old westerns where the entire saloon goes silent because some stranger just walked in. I immediately got a very sneaking suspicion that the question I just asked was either offensive, stupid, or a mixture of both. Larry smiled and said, “This is the man that recruited me into the cookware business over 30 years ago.” I thought “Ok,” but what is with all of the quotes and pictures of some guy who recruited you years ago. I understand appreciation and honoring those who’ve helped you, but this seemed a little bit over the top. Looking back on this evening, I must say Larry was super cool and never made me feel as naive as I obviously was. He told me that “this guy” had since gone on to be a pretty big motivational speaker and author. That evening he sent me home with a few tapes from Zig, and I can honestly say that those tapes (now mp3’s) are still in my library today. 

I counted it a true blessing to meet Larry, and while he did not go on to write any books, speak on any stage, nor record any motivational tapes like his mentor and recruiter did, that I know of, his impact on this young 16-year old boy could not have been any more profound. The four words he spoke to me on that evening at McDonald’s in Spindale, NC not only disrupted my routine that day, but broke through time and continues to resonate in my soul today. I now share those same four words with you, YOU ARE WORTH MORE.


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