3 Ways to make money from home

3 Ways to make money from home

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From 1994 until 2008 I was in a traditional business model. I went to work at a brick and mortar location, had an office, a staff, had a traditional business. Then the recession hit. Needless to say it changed my business, along with many others who were in the same industry. My top selling product and service was directly tied to the new housing market. In particular it was tied to the upper end of the residential real estate market. No one has to be a historian to understand what that time period did to our industry, and several other ancillary industries tied to it. The effect was profound, and the recovery has been slow. However the new business model that was developed as a result of the downturn is more lean, more efficient, and much more nimble to ongoing changes. During the transition from my old business, to the current one cash flow, income, and survival was a constant, day to day challenge. As a result several business opportunities, work from home jobs, and businesses were tried. Some worked, many failed, but as a result of trying many I’ve developed a do and don’t do list of work from home jobs. If you are needing to earn extra income, here some ideas.


Here is a work from home kit you may want to check out.



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