Do you plan on being rich?

Do you plan on being rich?


listen-nowDid you know the first step in accumulating wealth is actually planning to do so? So many times life begins to happen. We live, we work, we raise a family, but do we ever stop to think what would it take to accumulate the money I need to enjoy retirement? Maybe you don’t plan on retiring? Maybe you are like me and really enjoy your career, and what you are doing, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to work because you wanted to, and not because you had to? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a financial plan in place they gave you options?

In this episode I share the story of one of my clients who has never made over $30k per year, has $500k saved right now, and will guaranteed have a minimum of $1mil in the next 10 years. You will enjoy his story.

Here is some of the worse advice I believe I’ve ever seen on financial planning. CLICK HERE to see article I referred to in show.

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