How to respond to false accusations – Podcast with Terry Wilson

How to respond to false accusations - Podcast with Terry Wilson

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Have you ever had someone falsely accuse you, your business, or your company? The internet is a wonderful way to get your message out and offer your value to the world, but it also can become a bullying playground. One email someone sent me was, “hey Terry I love what you offer in your training, but I read on a forum that all of these internet based businesses were scams”. When I read that email I completely understood where the person was coming from, as I’ve been burnt more times then anyone trying to find real business opportunity after losing my own business in 2008.

I responded the person and told them, “Yes. There are a ton of scams on the net, but there are also a few legit ones.” I then made a reference to a post I saw on facebook one day where it showed a quote of Abraham Lincoln stating, “Not every quote on the internet is real”. What a great illustration of how the internet can be very misleading in both directions.

Here are 5 ways to respond to a false accusation:

1 – Find the origin of the accusation.

2 – Understand the person who is making it

3 – Address the accusation

4 – Give room for disagreement

5 – Stay polite without feeling obligated to apologize

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