Winning can hide your problems – Lessons from Carolina Panthers – podcast

Winning can hide your problems - Lessons from Carolina Panthers - podcast

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I love sports because it can teach so much in every facet of life. Anyone in the Carolinas this year, even if they are a casual observer of sports has heard about the incredible season the Carolina Panthers are having. I would consider myself a huge sports fan, and a casual football fan in general, but this year I like many others in the Carolinas and parts of Georgia have become absolutely mesmerized by the performance Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers have put on.

A few weeks ago going to Atlanta to play the Falcons the Panthers were 14-0 and did not look like they could be stopped. Then they met a team hungrier than they were, and had nothing to lose. This is absolutely the worst kind of opponent  to have whether in business, sports, or life. This kind of opponent doesn’t simply rest on their talent, skill, or preparation alone. They scrape all of their assets together no matter how big or small, and then mix it with just sheer determination, will, and pure uninhibited force. When you are facing that, regardless of your advantages, you’d better be ready.

That’s what happened on December 28th to the Carolina Panthers. They came in to play another game, but Atlanta came in to play their swan-song. Tough to beat, but the Ron River, head coach of the Panthers made a profound statement after the game.Ron-Rivera









Winning can hide your warts. I believe some of our issues will now be easier to address.

The pure brilliance and genius in this statement transcends sports, and really can be applied to any area of life. Here are some business lessons I derived from this.

winningcanhideSHOW NOTES

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