Episode 421 – Earning Money On your Terms

Do you believe it’s possible to earn on your terms? Let me drill down on that a little. Do you believe it’s possible to work when you want, work as little or much as you want, work with who you want, only do the activities you enjoy and that brings you fulfillment? Do you believe you could have the life of your dreams that is fueled by a career that engages your purpose and passion in life?

Well if you said it’s impossible then you are right but here’s the good news. If you said it was possible then you are also right. The first step in seeing the impossible as possible is believing. Let me be clear. I’m talking about any hocus pocus, aberah cadaberha magic manifestation mantra you repeat or regurgitate to make your dreams magically appear. I’m talking about actionable, measurable, proven business steps and principles that will bring as much success to you as the level of your mindset allows.

What if I told you I work with people who work 6 hours a week to make $250k per year?

What if I told you that I coach people right now that went from helpless and almost homeless to now making $10k per week doing what they love to do now?

What if I told you I personally went from losing everything but the shirt on my back in 2008 working 60 – 80 hrs week running a music business to working 8 – 12 hours a week now making 5 times a much with no over head, little stress, and tons of freedom and margin in my life?

I know many of you will automatically discount this as some kind of get rich quick, pie in the sky hyperbole, but here’s my commitment to you that are cynical. If you will reserve all of your judgement for just a moment you will see how this is not only possible but probable for many. This again is not a quote unquote typical home based business you’ve probably been pitched a 1000 times. This is a proven business model and platform that can be adopted by and adapted to any industry, product type, and current business to help improve it, expand it, and expedite its growth. You truly can earn on your terms!


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