Episode 514 – How your business can thrive right now!

The terrywilson3.com Podcast
The terrywilson3.com Podcast
Episode 514 - How your business can thrive right now!

Welcome everyone! Tonight we have a special member of the family sitting in with us to cover for River while he’s out today, but I’ll let dad introduce him in just a few moments. First tonight we are talking about not just surviving but thriving in business. Right now there is opportunity all around us to not only do business, but grow our business. So we look forward to getting into that very soon.

Did you know that TW3 not only offers tools and training but services as well? If you own a business and are finding it more and more difficult to find qualified candidates to speak to then consider TW3. Posting on job boards such as indeed, zip recruiter, monster, and linkedin are not generating the applicants they once did. However with TW3recruiting you can have qualified candidates that meet your criteria for way less than the other guys and have much better candidates. How? Text the word “recruit” to 864-507-9696, that “recruit” to 864-507-9696.  Leverage the over 220 million data list that TW3 has and our tools to reach your ideal client. Text the word “recruit” to 864-507-9696

Finally if you need more customers, more appointments, or more traffic then you need TW3. We have a 13+ year of helping thousands of businesses and individuals start, scale, and support their business. Whether you are a retail, restaurant, real-estate, or insurance agent/agency we can have motivated buyers with money calling you tomorrow! Let’s talk about how your business can 10x in the next few weeks. Schedule your free 1 on 1 consultation by contacting your TW3 member today, or by going to terrywilson3.com 

Questions from email

  1. Terry I have a food truck and would like to be able to let people know where I’ll be next. Sometimes I don’t know my next location until a day or so in advance, so is there way to notify my customers other than a Facebook post. I’m not against using social media but I’ve heard many of my customers say they never see it, or too late to catch me.
  2. I’ve worked a 9-5 for the past 12 years but since the shut down I’ve sort of grown accustomed to working from home. My employer is forcing us all to come back in. So I’m really considering going independent and starting my own business. Very nervous here but what would you tell someone that’s thinking about a startup, especially right now?
  3. Is TW3 doing a conference this year?
  4. Terry what are some current problems that would be easier to solve for others to be able to start a profitable service or even business? 

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