Episode 540 – How to be comfortable being uncomfortable

Episode 540 - How to be comfortable being uncomfortable

Why excuses come so natural

Who wants to be in pain, uncomfortable, admit they are wrong, or accept correction? These are not natural human responses but inner-character that has to be developed for anyone who wants to see achievement and success in any given area. The natural response to any failure is to makes excuses and blame something or someone else. Why? Because then the demand for change, which is ALWAYS uncomfortable at best and painful very often can be avoided. After all if it’s someone or something else’s fault then why should I have to change, grow, or accept any responsibility.

In today’s podcast I interview 2 people who are and have been winning in their personal and professional lives because they’ve developed the mindset that they are comfortable being uncomfortable. These are some great conversations and I hope you get a lot of value from them.

In the first part of my interview you will hear me speak to one of our Elite TW3 coaches and trainers who has after 10mo of being a member made some mindset shifts that have turned on the after burners of results for him. Hear how he has decided to make being uncomfortable ok to start earning, enjoying, and experiencing more in his business.

After my conversation with him you will hear me speak to Rose Saucier from Any Time Fitness. Her professional journey is littered with corporate politics, nepotism, and setbacks to which she responded to all of them with an attitude to persist and prosper.

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