Episode 548 – How you can become more creative

Episode 548 - How you can become more creative

I have found the key to my success is the ability to be more creative than my previous self. The more I can create new products, strategies, opportunities, content, relationships, markets, sales, and value to others, the more I will be successful. Because of this I am always trying to find ways to improve and increase my creativity. But where can you go to find out how to be more creative?

I decided to go back to creation itself to see if there was any clues in how to develop a more creative mindset and capacity to be creative. Boy did I fall into a treasure trove of creative juice. God’s Word never disappoints!

In looking at the days of creation laid out in Genesis I started to notice the order in which things were created. This led me to think about what the function and utility of those things were to creating anything. BOOM!! A whole frame work to the creative process unfurled.

7 elements to create

1. Vision

2. Environment

3. Definition

4. Direction

5. Provision

6. Purpose

7. Contentment

This is a whole series I’m developing on the prophetic language of creation. The 3 sections I’ll be covering is:

  • A New Reality

  • Dominion Established

  • Innocence Lost

The focus of this study will be to explore how these 3 areas of creation still has a prophetic impact on our day to day lives. Todays excerpt was how the 6 days of creating this new reality provides a frame work in which we can use to create in our day to day lives.

If you would like to have this teaching series when it’s complete simply let me know through our chatbot at terrywilson3.com The series will be completed sometime in February and I’d be happy to send it to you.


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