569 – How to start on any goal you want now!

569 - How to start on any goal you want now!

Welcome to episode 569 of the terrywilson3.com podcast. Today we’ll dive deep into the challenges and triumphs of embarking on new endeavors. In today’s episode, we’ll explore the difficulties we face when starting anything and how these hurdles often hinder our progress. Whether it’s a personal project, a career change, or even a lifestyle adjustment, we’ve all experienced the struggle of taking that initial step. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and join us as we discuss the five key reasons why starting anything can be so darn difficult.

The 5 obstacles to getting started on any goal

  1. Overcoming inertia: Starting anything new requires overcoming the inertia of our daily routines and comfort zones. It can be challenging to break free from familiar patterns and take the first step towards something unfamiliar and potentially uncomfortable.

  2. Fear of failure: Starting something new often brings along a fear of failure. The possibility of not succeeding or meeting our own expectations can be daunting, leading to hesitation and procrastination. This fear can be paralyzing and prevent us from taking the initial leap.

  3. Lack of clarity and overwhelm: Starting a new project or endeavor can feel overwhelming, particularly when we lack a clear roadmap or vision. The abundance of options, choices, and information available can create confusion and make it difficult to know where to begin.

  4. Perfectionism and self-doubt: Striving for perfection and doubting our own abilities can be significant barriers to starting something new. The desire to have everything planned out perfectly or waiting for the “right” moment can lead to unnecessary delays and missed opportunities.

  5. Limited resources and time constraints: Starting anything often requires resources such as time, money, skills, and support. Limited availability of these resources can pose challenges and make it difficult to initiate new projects or pursue new goals. Juggling existing responsibilities and commitments can also contribute to a lack of time and energy needed to start something new.

I pray today you will make the decision to start pursuing your dreams and goals because,

You are worth more!

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