An incredible loss for TW3 and the world today at 2:26pm CT.

Tom Sellars passes away today after long battle with cancer

Today at 2:26pm CT Tom Sellars passed from this life to the next. Tom was a friend and icon here at TW3 that will be greatly missed. His voice, passion, and compassion for others was a precious gift that we were all privileged to have for way too short of time.

I never got to meet Tom face to face but had many conversation via the phone, zoom, and live streams. I immediately grew fond of Tom the first time I spoke with him and hate to see his time on this earth cut short. I’ve said many times that you duplicate what you appreciate and I wanted to duplicate Tom throughout TW3 as much as possible, so my appreciation of Tom was and is great.  TW3 and will forever be missing a great voice and message.

Please pray for his wife Rachel and their children, friends, and family that have to find a way to pick up the pieces of an immeasurable loss and move forward. For those of you who knew and worked with Tom I know that loss is painful as Tom always improved the lives of everyone he worked with. 

Rest in Peace Tom from Chi-Town. On behalf of everyone in your TW3 family, we love you, thank you, and will forever miss and remember you.

6 thoughts on “An incredible loss for TW3 and the world today at 2:26pm CT.

  1. Jane Helms

    Tom was an amazing, talented person and he will be greatly missed!
    Rachel, I want you and all of your family to know that you will be in my prayers and of course all of you will be in my thoughts!

  2. Kinno

    I am saddened to hear. His podcasts that I was priveledged to attend in the past were of great optimism for others searching and wanting more. One could hear his smile. May the many that he touched bask in the blessings he so wished for all. Thoughts and continued prayers for his family and friends. He indeed is in good hands.

  3. Dale Brisson

    Very sad moment.. thank you for sharing.. wishing our sincerest condolences to Tom’s family. may God be watching over you Tom

  4. Ron Haslam Post author

    I called this morning and talked to Rachel and Tom was just getting situated God I’m still in shock.
    Tom was a great inspiration to me and have been for the entire 2 years that I knew him.
    I was really looking forward to meeting him in person and spending some time at the Tw3 conference…
    Tom . ..always positive and enthusiastic .
    If I was not doing that good and I talked to Tom he’d always be there to cheer me up.
    My love to Rachel and all of Tom’s family.
    Ron Bam Bam Haslam ?

  5. Ed Mendence

    Dear Rachel and family relatives of Tom:
    Many of us within the TW3 business circles always regarded Tom as tremendously inspirational, congenial, and educational.
    So compelling were Tom’s terrific attributes that many of us became dear friends of Tom simply by virtue of our electronic contacts alone with him.
    Certainly, Tom is now lavishing joyfully in Heaven with our Lord and Savior as we ask/seek/pray for God in the name of Jesus to heal and comfort you and all surviving family members and friends on earth who love Tom dearly.

  6. Linda Wilson Gordan Post author

    Terry, I am so very sorry to hear this sad news. I sent Tom an ecard of best wishes and prayer just about 2 weeks ago, and he answered, thanking me and saying that the many emails and thoughts from the TW3 Family were so very appreciated. Prayers of comfort for his family in their time of grief.

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