Are online surveys that promise to pay worth it?

Survey company claims to pay $500 - $1000 per week

If you’ve been online you’ve probably seen these online survey offers that promise to pay big money for simply filling out a survey or offering a product review. The question is, are these offers legit?

Well…. maybe but understand how it works before you start spending that $500 – $1000 before you earn it! They do pay out and you can earn money with them, but it is a lot of work and the stream of opportunities aren’t exactly steady. 

There will be weeks you’ll have TONS OF CHANCES to try different free offers like try video games on your phone, download and try new apps being released, and other odd jobs. Then there’ll be weeks where hardly any work is available. 

So I think it’s a great resource to pick up extra cash, but just know that sometimes there’s not a lot of work being offered and other times you may have to spend money on a product to be able to write the review. One note on the times you have to spend money on product.

The way to really make this type of work pay off is sign up for things you already buy and use. So if you see a chance to write a review for a dish detergent that you already use, then do that one. You’re already buying it anyway but now you get paid to review it!  

The National Consumer Center has been offering survey and review work for many years. I’ve had pretty good luck with them and think they would be a reputable company to try if thought about doing that kind of work from home side hustle. 

The cool thing about the survey opportunities are they’re low to no risk mostly. So a great way of picking up a few extra dollars, especially around the holidays. Rather than doing ride share or delivery type jobs, this one doesn’t require using your car or buying tools or training to do the work. 

So I say it’s definitely worth the try but just manage your expectations. You can make $1000 extra in a week but there’s a ton of work to do that and the opportunity to do that much isn’t consistent. 

Terry Wilson

Founder of TW3


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