Episode 313 – Live Recording From the 2018 ELT Conference in Greenville SC

Live from Greenville, SC we have a sit down conversation with our TW3 members at the 2018 ELT Membership Conference. Out of the 9 years of business offering thousands of people coaching and tools, this has by far been the most rewarding endeavor to date.

We took 3 days and dove deep into how to scale and monetize a business that not only will pay the bills, but underwrite some thrills. You can’t call it a job if you’re having non-stop fun in a business based on your passions, skill set, industry of choice.

In this Episode you will hear from some of my top earners who are pulling down a really good income from home on auto-pilot. You will also hear from other members who are just starting out and their experience.

The 10 session we covered at the 2018 ELT Conference:

  1. Secrets to Consistent Income
  2. I am Going to Mars
  3. Know Thy Tools
  4. Intentionality
  5. The 3 P’s to Succeed
  6. Time & Time Again
  7. Clarity
  8. Brand Yourself or Lose Yourself
  9. Long Term Commitment
  10. Podcasting for Dollars

I want to thank all of the TW3 Members who attended and would also like to thank the following panel of speakers who made this event a huge success.

  • Bill Perry
  • Chris Ruppe
  • Michael Corbett
  • Lindsey Taylor

Special Thank You also to Mr. Gary Greene for sharing his knowledge and expertise on how he’s been able to build and sustain a large business at TW3.


For a complete list of equipment I use to produce my podcast go to terrywilson3.com/equipment


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