Episode 339 – Overcoming Challenges in Your Business

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Episode 339 - Overcoming Challenges in Your Business

In this live podcast we cover everything from selling shopkins on facebook to how an ELT rep made $3500 before lunch time today in our call center. You will want to hear this Thanksgiving Special.

3 areas to master for achievement

  1. Tools for Automation
    1. AR
    2. LP
    3. Bulk Dialer
    4. Bulk Text
    5. Podcast
    6. Blog
  2. Temperament for Achievement
    1. Perception Function
    2. Reasoning Function
    3. Communication Function
    4. Introversion V/S Extroversion
  3. Hear How One Member made over $3500 before lunch today.
  4. Are people online crazy now days? The story my wife selling shopkins through FB marketplace
  5. Live Q&A

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