Episode 347 – Building a Diverse Business that can Service Multiple Niches

There are 2 elements of a profitable and sustainable business that you will hear just about every business coach, consultant, or guru mention. Your business needs to be hyper focused on a particular niche. This is great advice as we’ve all heard about the shiny object syndrome and the most common mistake most all entrepreneurs make. Everyone from myself, to Amy Porterfield to John Lee Dumas will repeat the same mantra, “the riches are in the niches.”

However you will also hear Seth Groden, and others state in order to be sustainable and have the ability to withstand any change within the market, economy, or industry you must have a diverse income stream and business model. These 2 thoughts seem incongruent but I believe they’re really not. In this episode we try to open that up a bit a show how you can do both. 

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