Episode 368 – Are you Angry all of the time? 10 things you need to know!

Episode 368 - Are you Angry all of the time? 10 things you need to know!

10 things you need to know if you’re angry all of the time.

What many people don’t realize is that anger is a secondary emotion. What does this mean? Typically, one of the primary emotions, like fear or sadness, can be found underneath the anger. Fear includes things like anxiety and worry, and sadness comes from the experience of loss, disappointment or discouragement.

10 things to know:

  1. Anger is easier to feel and admit than the cause

  2. Anger has a strong physical component

  3. Perfectionist stay angry

  4. Stories will keep or quiet your anger

  5. Pride will keep you angry

  6. Anger will separate

  7. Anger can will get attention for a limited time

  8. Muted Anger will keep you from experiencing & exploring root emotions

  9. Anger can be useful

  10. Anger can trap you

While listening to a clients sales calls the other day I thought it would be good to share with them and others the importance of managing anger. Most people don’t ever stop to think about why they’re angry, where it’s coming from, and how, when, where, and why to deal with it. In this episode we explore that.

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