Episode 373 – 9 Ways to Become More Creative

Episode 373 - 9 Ways to Become More Creative

Creativity is the seedbed of entrepreneurialism. If you want to grow your business, income, and impact you will have to distinguish yourself from everyone else. Creativity is how that is accomplished. However many people believe creativity is a genetic attribute but it’s really not. Creativity is a skillset that can be developed.

Here are 9 ways I’ve found to get my creative juices flowing and to loosen up the brain to expand more and to think different when I a trying to create something.

Show Notes:

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2 thoughts on “Episode 373 – 9 Ways to Become More Creative

  1. Zinta Sarma

    George Bernard Shaw’s quote is often displayed at the educational company I volunteer at: “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

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