Episode 377 – Make Big Cash with Big Concepts

Episode 377 - Make Big Cash with Big Concepts

Tonight we’re talking about conceptual selling and how understanding it can greatly benefits your business, grow your reach, and make you more relevant. If you are new to sales or marketing then this may seem like a foreign idea but hopefully we can break it open and help explain it in a fashion that will make it both palpable to understand and doable to start using. I am also going to be sharing how a member who just joined 4 weeks ago has already made over $4500 as of today, another member who joined back last December has made close to $80k, and a member who has been with us for years is making over $250k this year. THAT’S ALL IN SEGMENT 1 so hold on we’re about to get right into it.

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One thought on “Episode 377 – Make Big Cash with Big Concepts

  1. Lamar Logan

    This has to be the best podcast and live stream I’ve ever listened to! God you people are crazy funny! And….. I learn something every time I listen!

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