Episode 398 – The Most Powerful Tool in Marketing in One Word

5 Tips on How to use this tool when marketing

In this episode we cover a lot of ground, make some announcements, and give some insight into the TW3 business all in the context of how this one word has made me a lot of money and lost me a lot too. I think you will really enjoy it. Here’s the timeline to the show:

1:00min – 2:00min – Introducing this powerful tool in marketing

3:00min – 3:30min – Sales is only 1/2 of what you need

4:35min – 5:52min – The money pit sales people always fall into and lose

5:55min – 8:00min – The dirty little secret about insurance leads

8:59min – 12:24min – Moving from just Sales to how to Scale a Business

12:25min – 14:20min – The Power of this Marketing Force You Can Leverage today!

18:00min – 24:17min – We’re Leaving RingCentral in our CC and here’s why

24:18min – 35:00min – The 5 Tips to using this powerful marketing tool and force

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