Episode 408 – How to create high retention

Episode 408 - How to create high retention

Tonight we’re talking about how to guard and grow your greatest asset. For many people just gaining an understanding of what their greatest asset is will be very impactful in and of itself. So what is your greatest asset? What’s the one thing that will make or break both your personal and professional life? People. Nothing more and nothing less. The people in your personal and professional life will have a huge impact on how far you go, where you go, and the experience you have along the way. There are libraries of books, training, and how to’s on attracting and acquiring new clients or new people to your business. However if you will notice there’s not as much time, energy, and training on keeping them. Why? Well in all honesty it’s hard, it’s very hard. So tonight we’re talking about creating higher retention in your business and personal life.

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The fastest way to build long term success is to improve retention. Whether it’s the retention of employees, clients, or vendors, retention is the cornerstone of long term health in business. So what’s the secret? Expectations being exceeded. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. When you can exceed the expectations of those you serve, you will will unleash a magnetic force that will unconsciously draw your clients to you. However this magnetic force as powerful as it is in demanding and attracting loyalty, patronage, and devotion is very difficult to obtain. Expectations are some times very difficult to meet, even when the best efforts are made by you. So how do you meet and surpass expectations? That’s what we’re talking about now!

Where do expectations come from?

a. Past experiences
b. Present experiences
c. Personal biases

How to manage them?

Initial Engagement Process

a. Target Audience
b. Congruent Copy

Impactful Educational Process

a. Specific pain
b. Solution plan

In-depth Enrollment Process

a. Verified conversation
b. Verified commitment

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