Episode 412 – Speaking with Cliff Ravenscraft

Episode 412 - Speaking with Cliff Ravenscraft

In 2009 after losing my business, career, and confidence to ever pursue an entrepreneurial path again I found myself in a whole business with insurance. As I write in my book that whole experience taught me so much on so many different levels. However soon after finding a new way forward I started listening more and more to podcast to see how others were using the medium to build their business. One of those podcasters that I started listening to early on was Cliff Ravenscraft.

So as I’ve enjoyed an incredible journey in building TW3 for the past decade and seeing an online business and podcast bringing levels of business success I would have never imagined possible, I have continued to listen and learn from Cliff. I think in this interview you will hear and quickly understand why this is a man who I’ve often gleaned information, insight, and inspiration from.

Once known as The Podcast Answer Man, it’s a distinct honor and privilege to have The Mindset Answer Man in the TW3 Studio with me. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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