Episode 414 – Creating New Clients during COVID-19

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Episode 414 - Creating New Clients during COVID-19

Welcome aboard all you social distancing entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, and online rockstars who are building your business and brand to put a dent in the universe. This is the show that is dedicated, motivated, and animated by the charge to inform and inspire you along your entrepreneurial journey. We are so glad you took time out of your busy Netflix schedule to drop by and see how you truly can have your best moment in business right now. I know when I say that many will be tempted to roll their eyes, but think about this short little history lesson.

During the great depression when the US economy was at it’s historical worse. When hard times was deep and long for the entire nation. There were some who found their fortune during that time period.


  • Michael J Cullen (father of the supermarket)
  • Babe Ruth (response about earning more than the President)
  • Gene Autry (went from a local radio talent to a national icon)
  • Joe Kennedy (real-estate, liquor, movies)
  • Michael Burry (The Big Short Played by Christian Bale)
  • TW3 Began During the post 2008 crash


  1. Offering to review products and services. You can get paid up to $5 per review in just offering feedback for other businesses who have a product, good, or service that wants your honest feedback.
  2. Recording a script or voice over for someone. (the less professional sounding you are the better)
  3. Writing a blog post, eBook, or Social Media post for someone.
  4. Editing and proofreading someones content
  5. Appointment Setting / Fronting for sales professionals
  6. TW3 Affiliate

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