Episode 425 – 6 Mountains to Master for Success

Episode 425 - 6 Mountains to Master for Success

There was a study done and published by The Faas Foundation with Mental Health America to better understand the American employees career and job experience, and to isolate what was the contributing factors to those experiences. You could almost guess what the findings were but what was interesting was the follow up question to the study.

Obviously the overwhelming majority of respondents to the survey was dissatisfied with their current job status, career, and employment. However when the question was then asked about the possibilities and the idea of pivoting to make a change there was one of 6 reasons offered by everyone as to why the alternative to the status quo was not an option.

This reasoning or mindset is what I would like to discuss today. These are the 6 areas of mastery I believe you must have in order to find success in anything you do.


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