How to Book More Appointments and Close More Deals

If you are in direct sales, or in a service business that requires you to have more appointments to grow your business then you know thats the real “work” in your job. Selling “x” is easy, especially if it’s a product good, or service you believe in, but how do you book those face to face, knee to knee appointments so that you can communicate the value of your offer.

In this 13 min demonstration I’ll show you how our members at terrywilson3 are able to leverage our tools to put the prospecting part of their business on auto-pilot.


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5 thoughts on “How to Book More Appointments and Close More Deals

  1. Jeremy Haskell

    I’m interested in the sales opportunity fore mentioned. I didn’t see the calendar to set phone interviews. I did list time and date of my availability on initial application.

  2. Shawn McDonald

    The “Agent Lead Tool”, software is flat out amazing in every aspect or a game changer for this industry. It literally will allow you to have unbelievable amount of customer leads pouring in. Ultimately this will push ahead of the curve, by not having to consistently wait for your reps to call, excess paper work is reduced, all around positive benefits for anyone look to market, sell, and for over all growth in clientele. I would like to see someones monthly capital bottom-line before this product and after after the use of it. I’m definitely excited to see this program in action with the many others mentioned in this presentation. Over all looking towards Seeing its entire system in action.
    Shawn McDonald

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Shawn –

      Our voice broadcast dialer is definitely a powerful tool. We’ve had clients from multiple industries use it with great affect and some who struggled at first until they took our training on how to effectively use it. You can see our clients feedback from our home site at


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