How to use marketing incentives to grow your insurance, real-estate, or direct sales business.

Whether you want to admit it, or not, marketing incentives work. I know everyone wants to sound way above the influences of give aways and promotions, but the fact of the matter is they work. If they did not you wouldn’t see any free offers from anyone anymore. Case in point, Black Friday, people in droves break down the door of every major merchant in the US on Black Friday simply to receive some high perceived value for little to nothing.

In this training below I offer a strategy of how you can implement this in your business, and increase your lead generation by 300%.

To take the time to watch this 16 min training I am offering either a free book, or 500 free leads to help grow your business. See details of how to obtain this give aways after the video is over. The free offer ends within just a few hours as I can afford to offer the give away forever.



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