Lessons from McDonald’s The Founder Movie & Lemonade Stand – Episode 266

Lessons from McDonald's The Founder Movie & Lemonade Stand - Episode 266

Hear how a 7 year old and 10 year old earn $50 an hour over the weekend

Sometimes when I see so much apathy within our culture I have to admit I am tempted to feel discouraged. This past weekend I watched a movie staring Michael Keaton for the 3rd time, and watched my two youngest children build a lemonade stand with a “little” help from their papa to launch their lemonade business. In both instances a lesson just started to scream out that a member brought up at TW3 in our last live training.

One of our members at TW3 who has been with a while has just really started lighting up the boards in sales. In the past few days he’s sold several TW3 packages that yield him $400 – $1200 per package. I share his comments in this podcast episode how he is doing it.


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