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callcenterfbOne of things that I like about what the internet has done is provide a seed bed of opportunity for people who want, or need to work from home the opportunity to do so. With contraction that the economy has sort of had to endure in the past few years this has been a God send to many. The problem traditionaly that has been with work from home businesses is they sort of fit within 1-2 categories.


  1. Scams – Let’s just be honest folks. Most of what has been out on the internet for some time are just scams. I can’t tell you how many clients of mine I’ve spoken with over the past few years who really want to take advantage of a good business plan, but have found nothing but trouble in what they’ve experienced thus far. Here are some things to look for to avoid being scammed.
    1. Can you actually get ahold of the company or person making the claims. I like websites. I like the efficiency they present, but I don’t recommend getting involved with any person, program, or business that full contact information is not available. Otherwise you could be dealing with someone outside of the country they may, may not be legit. Not saying people outside of the US are not, but I feel comfortable dealing with people that I can call and speak with, and go see if needed.
    2. Do you have to pay to work? A real job opportunity gives you the ability to earn an income without having to buy something. Now many online opportunities require a background check, but these aren’t but a few dollars.
  2. MLM or Network Marketing – I am not going to say you can’t make money in network marketing, or a MLM business. I am going to say however that the probability is lower than others. Nothing wrong with businesses that reward you for sharing the opportunity, however if the sole way you make money is recruiting others, then run! I have a software that I sell, that also pays me if I offer the business opportunity to re-sell the software. However the money is made by selling the software, or actually using it. It’s a legitimate product with value, and offers value to someone buying. Completely different then selling a business, to sell a business, to sell a business. These opportunities aren’t real business opportunities, and frustrate me because the cloud the water for people to see real business opportunities.

With the internet, and all of the opportunities within social media, there are real opportunities for someone to start there on business. You don’t have to go and harass all of your friends and family into buying something.

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