The greatest power that so many don’t use

What’s the greatest power of all?

The greatest power of all is the power to choose, govern yourself and be self reliant. This is the power to be self-governing, self-efficacious, self-determining or even simply being capable of sustaining yourself in a manner that allows you to thrive and prosper. This means taking responsibility for your life and not allowing others to control how you live it. It means creating opportunities for yourself instead of waiting for them to come along or taking what comes your way. It’s having faith in yourself instead of doubting every step along the way because someone else has told you something different from what you believe about yourself or your ability level at any particular moment in time (or lack thereof).

When are you not self-governing?

You are not self-governing when:
  • You are being controlled by another. This means that someone else is telling you what to do, how to think, and how to feel.
  • Your life is out of control. You’re in a situation where everything feels out of your reach and there’s no clear path for you to take next.
  • Your thoughts aren’t under your control; they’re controlled by other people or circumstances around you. The same goes for emotions—they can be influenced by outside factors like the weather or what’s going on in the world around you rather than what’s happening inside yourself. And finally, actions—your actions often come from external factors like peer pressure and societal norms rather than internal motivations (e.g., “I want this because…”).

Choose or be chosen for.

When you choose to be self-governing, you’re taking responsibility for your own actions. When you choose to be self-efficacious, you believe in your abilities and have faith that if you put in the work, things will work out. When you choose to be self-reliant, it means that instead of relying on others for help or support when life gets tough, you turn inward and empower yourself by finding whatever resources are within reach — whether that’s asking for help from a friend or coworker or learning something new about yourself and how to use those skills more effectively. When we choose to be self-determining/self-aware/self-respecting/etc., we’re making deliberate choices based on what we know is right or wrong (or somewhere in between), rather than letting external forces dictate our behavior unwillingly. Choose you this day, what will you do?

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