10 aged Life & Health leads for $3.00 ea.

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I’ve used every type of lead method to grow my business. While I still use mail drops I will tell you the most cost effective, and quickest way to generate hot leads is through telemarketing. On average you can get a 2.5% response through a predictive dialing environment. Which means if a 1000 people are called you are going to see roughly 25 people. Naturally this is based on some variables. The quality of your script, the quality of your list, and the level of perceived need. However in life insurance and health insurance I have found clients prefer being approached on the phone with an offer that quickly allows them to decide if they are interested, or not. Our telemarketing service with auto dialing, and predictive allows our agents to get in front of more people. If you are not our agency you can still take advantage of our lead generation work. Click the above button to find out more information.