Why, when, and how to use trigger links in your marketing!

Don’t market without a trigger link!

If you are marketing products, offers, or trying to drive traffic to an opt in you need to be using trigger links. Why? They will help you “trigger” an automated response along with other key marketing benefits.

The 3 big reasons I use them are:

  1. Analytics – When I use a trigger link with the TW3app I can see how many clicks I am getting. That allows me to measure the effectiveness of my campaign and also make investment decisions on the campaign, offer, and audience. 
  2. Lowers SMS cost – When I use a trigger link the long URL address that typically is generated by an affiliate offer, landing page URL, or offer links is dramatically shortened. This means I don’t have as many characters in my sms text campaigns being used by the link. This means I’m saving data cost.
  3. Automation – Just as the name suggest, I can trigger various automated actions to take place based on the clicking of the link. So this opens up all kinds of possibilities to really automate a lot of the client nurturing process to drive my close rates up.

How to set up a trigger link

In the short 8min training below I share how to set up a trigger link with the TW3 App

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