31 Hilarious Photos Only Cat Owners Will Understand

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Sounds familar, mine is a shoer observer, bath sitter too. Cash prefers his water from the bathroom glass however. He stares at the faucet until you fill it. Prefers it filled to the top, laps the first inch, then switches to paw dips.

He saturates his paw, licks it, like a kid licking a drippy poscicle. If thirsty he'll alternate paws and gets a rhythm going. Hilarious to watch, a mess to clean up. The videos have astounded many who can't believe his unusual method. He distains a water bowl and insists on a glass in the kitchen too.

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The most funniest moments of being a cat owner, was when my cats decided to re-in-act Tom Cruise's Most famous Risky Business scene while I was on a conference call.

Let me set the stage, we did not have a room set aside for an office so my computer was set up in what was the dinning room. So I was on my conference room when I heard kitty running on the laminate floor and then a whoosh sound. When I lean around the wall, I couldn't see anything. Then I heard another cat running and another whoosh sound. When I heard a third cat run, I got up to see and my at the time 15 year old cat sliding by the dinning room opening with "Oh, crap, she's home." on his face.

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