The greatest undetected larceny in personal and professional lives – Episode 285

The greatest undetected larceny in personal and professional lives – Episode 285

Did you know your inspiration is under a daily attack? For many the idea of being, living, or experiencing an inspired life is so far removed from their daily reality that to suggest anything different seems foreign at best and nefarious at worst.

Today I want to share with you why it’s imperative for you to regain, maintain, and experience an inspired life.

The 6 manipulating forces I share in this episode that are used to deteriorate your sense of inspiration are:

  1. Price
  2. Promotion
  3. Fear
  4. False Aspiration
  5. Peer Pressure
  6. Novelty

I share from the book, “Start with Why,” by Simon Sinek. You can get a free copy of this audio book by going to terrywilson3.com/freebook.

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10 Ways to stay Encouraged by staying In Courage – Episode 235

10 Ways to stay Encouraged by staying In Courage – Episode 235

You know Negative Nancy is on the march and she’s taking prisoners with her. It’s not enough for her to be miserable, but she wants you miserable as well. In this episode I share 10 practical ways you can stay encouraged even in the face of discouragement.

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10 Ways to Stay Encouraged

  1. Attitude of Expectancy
  2. Let go of what you can’t control
  3. Consume Positive Information – FREE BOOKS @ terrywilson3.com/freebook
  4. Hang with positive people
  5. Speak Positive
  6. Learn from Mistakes
  7. Make a Plan
  8. Celebrate your victories
  9. Build a support team
  10. Rehearse winning

Where is the money in your business – Episode 234

Where is the money in your business – Episode 234

If you think about it every single business problem, question, or challenge comes down to one thing; where to get the money. In other words where, when, and how to go in order to increase profits, revenue, and income. In this episode I break these questions down and show where and how to grow more revenue and income.

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The marketing lesson from President Trump’s address to congress – Episode 225

The marketing lesson from President Trump’s address to congress – Episode 225

This is not a political observation nor a criticism or endorsement. In this episode I show how a moment in the congressional address illustrates a very powerful lesson to understand in marketing, communicating, and influencing others.

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Great things takes great energy and commitment, so avoid energy vampires – Episode 218

Great things takes great energy and commitment, so avoid energy vampires – Episode 218

To do great things it requires great energy and persistence. One of the first things you have to do in order to realize your dreams, hit your marks, and achieve your goals is insulate from negative influences. In my new book, You Are Worth More I share:

One of the hardest things most people will face while going to the next level in their personal and professional life is that the people that are sometimes the closest to you will be what gets in your way. It is not that your friends and family will intentionally discourage or distract you from pursuing your dreams of success, but they will nonetheless. It is human nature not to want to be challenged. Have you ever noticed that if one spouse gets excited about becoming healthy, fit, and losing weight that it is very difficult if the other partner does not share and participate in the same goal? What will inevitably happen is that the other partner who is not committed to the same health goal will unintentionally sabotage the one committed. It is not they are trying to hurt their partner or not wanting them to lose weight, but their level of commitment is being challenged. The partner that does not have the same level of commitment or goal will react to their discomfort sometimes in a negative way. When you decide to earn more, learn more, and experience more be patient with those around you who may not be in the same place yet. They need time to acclimate to the new and improved you, just like you do.  If everyone was where you wanted to go in any particular area, it would not be called great, but normal. The ability given to move from normal to great is what will create your value both personally and professionally.    

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