Episode 433 – Labor for the Day

Episode 433 - Labor for the Day

Tonight we’re celebrating labor day and how you don’t have to labor every day to earn a paycheck. But rather working now for a tomorrow that gets a little easier and a little easier, and a little easier. Tonight I’m talking about working for the goal of having an easier, more enjoyable, and deeply enriching life starting today, continuing tomorrow, and becoming easier each day thereafter.

You see the trap most people fall into is this time for money exchange throughout their entire lives. They never become wise about the laws of leverage. You know the good book say’s 1 can put a thousand to flight but 2 can put ten thousand to flight. What it’s basically saying is when you employee the laws of leverage you can accomplish way greater things than what you could do otherwise. In essence what I am going to try and talk with you tonight about is this. In your current employment, in your current business, in the ways that you create an income stream for yourself, can you scale it beyond your own efforts? Can you earn new money on old efforts? Can you do something one time today that has an exponential affect for several days afterwards to earn a continued revenue stream? THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO BUILD WEALTH. Tonight we’re going to talk about that and how you can start building wealth today a whole lot easier than what you may have first thought.

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