Episode 436 – Interview with former lead singer of Chicago, Bill Champlin

Episode 436 - Interview with former lead singer of Chicago, Bill Champlin


As a huge Chicago fan and musician this was a special interview for me. However beyond just the fun of talking to someone I have genuinely admired for years, the mindset and business lessons that I was able to glean from this conversation was especially rewarding.

In this interview we talked about:

  • How his business has changed
  • How working on your craft produces art
  • How he finds inspiration to create
  • How he’s faced “office politics”
  • How being prepared has given him more opportunities

I think you are going to love this interview. Feel free to leave your comments below or at terrywilson3.com/436

2 thoughts on “Episode 436 – Interview with former lead singer of Chicago, Bill Champlin

  1. Steve Cammett

    Great interview with Bill! I was very fortunate to develop a relationship with Bill in the late 80’s. He was a great help to me as I progressed through my career in information technology. He was always extremely kind to me and my children. As a longtime Chicago fan, I felt like I was in heaven as Bill introduced me to my heroes (and eventually artists who became new heroes)! Thanks for this interview!

  2. Gary Schneider

    Mr Wilson,

    A great interveiw with my musical hero of 50 years. I have been listening to Bill from the beginning. Primal force and extremely talented. One thing you missed was all the grunt work and bar gig after bar gig. This guy really paid his dues with his band The Sons of Champlin. He earned and worked his ass off for everything he got. But thank god all that talent came through. I’am retired now but was in sales my whole life. I never thought of it until i heard this interview but their were alot of commonality with his music career and my sales career. Yes you were so right when stating that owning tour own Company is where its at. My guess is Bill’s happiest days were wirh his band the Sons. I worked for major Corporations for 24 years and had my own business for 23 years. Those 23 years were the happiest work times in my life. Being your own boss is where its at. Check out Bill’s Kork Concert from Norway on Youtube. I feel this is the Highlight of his career, it doesn’t get any better

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