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How greater experiences produce greater growth

For the past 12+ years of creating content to improve and inspire others who are pursuing their professional and personal ambitions I’ve come to realize one immutable fact. The ability to create value comes from the willingness to experience more. The problem I’ve always had is my habits and biases have sometimes limited my willingness to experience more.

This week I’m spending time with my beautiful wife and our friends in Montana. OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL state this is. It’s full of wildlife, incredible views, a sky that goes on forever, and a feel of nature that just pulls at your soul. I have never been the out doors type. However, the incredible scenery, wildlife, and feel of this small slice of Heaven would make even the biggest homebody want to hike the Glaciers or fish the incredible rivers and streams.

I encourage you that if you’re searching for a strong why to inspire the pursuit of your goals and dreams then put on your list two simple words. EXPERIENCE MORE.

I don’t know what that might be for you? Maybe it’s to experience a new area of the country or world to travel to. Maybe it’s to experience more time with your family and friends. Maybe you’ve always wanted to experience something that no one else in your family or circle of influence has ever done, but deep down you’ve always wanted to? Whatever it is that you feel called to experience, write it down, be intentional about going after it, and persist beyond whatever will resit your efforts.

One thing I remember saying back in 2008-2009 to myself was this. “If I could ever climb out of this financial hole I’m in from losing everything with my business going under, I’m taking more time off and traveling.” You see up until that point I worked 60-80 hours a week non-stop trying to build a music business. And while the business was successful at one time, I personally was not. I was always working. I had a wife that would’ve appreciated more time, kids who could have used a more active father, and health that could have been better taken care of. But I was too busy trying to chase this allusive idea of success.

It took hitting rock bottom, losing everything, and a lot of soul searching before I figured something out. If I would put my priorities in line and start becoming a business owner rather than being owned by a business, I could have success both personally and professionally. When that decision was made and intentional activities started to become habits, my stated desires started becoming realities.

So remember what we stated in episode 435 about achieving any goal. Ask yourself those 4 questions before you pursue any goal, dream, or ambition, and you can have anything you want.

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