Episode 456 – The 5 Step Sales Process

Episode 456 - The 5 Step Sales Process

How to close more sales through an effective sales process

If you’ve ever been pressured by a sales person or you’ve felt tempted to pressure someone to buy as a sales person it is because 1 of the 5 steps to an effective sales process was missing or ineffective. A good sales process creates a win win for both the sales professional and the buyer.

The 5 Steps we talk about.

  1. The Engagement Phase. We discuss how this is done effectively and how this can be automated with various strategies.
  2. The Discovery Phase. This is where you take your potential client through a series of questions and conversations to find out if they would be a qualified potential buyer for your product, good, or service. This phase is what online marketers use a sales funnel for. This phase can also be used to save both the client and you a lot of time and actually can help you monetize the engagement in other areas.
  3. The Presentation Phase. This is where based on the needs that are revealed in the discovery phase a compelling presentation of the solutions the product, good, or service can provide is shown and illustrated.
  4. The Closing Phase. This is where a time sensitive and clear request for the sale is made.
  5. The Follow Up Phase. This is where the followup on questions regarding the purchase or pending purchase is made.

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