Episode 457 – 2021, The Year of Video

Episode 457 - 2021, The Year of Video
I must admit, I’m an audio guy. I’ve always been told that I have a face for radio so I took that advice and started and stayed in the audio format BUT…..
In 2015 we started taking content and creating videos along with it. It was rough… VERY ROUGH! Seeing yourself in video is a bit unnerving, at least that was my experience.
Today we have an average of 1500 people per week consume our latest video podcast content. Now our audio podcast side still gets over 10k per week BUT HERE’s THE DEAL. The folks who are consuming the video side are the most engaged and lets us know in a real way how the passive listeners on the podcast side are interpreting and valuing the content.
We have featured guest trainer Coach Bobby Christy with us to train on why YOU NEED TO BE USING VIDEO in your marketing efforts. You will also see some illustrations of how others are using it right now to create incredible income, leads, and greater influence.

Links from Show:

  1. OBS
  2. Logitech Cams Sony 4k Cams
  3. Screen Flow
  4. Canva
  5. Keynote / Powerpoint / Google’s Slide Deck
  6. Videoze
  7. Garage Band
  8. Green Screen
  9. Lights 
  10. Ambient Lights

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