Episode 464 – Words that create wealth pt. 1

Episode 464 - Words that create wealth pt. 1


Look around you. For a moment just stop and notice what you see, what you feel, and what you hear. For just a moment think about every sense you have from taste, smell, feeling, sight, and hearing. Think about what you are feeling right now emotionally.

Whatever you are feeling emotionally. Whatever you sense through seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, or physically feeling there is one common denominator to it all. EVERYTHING and I do mean every single particle of reality that you can perceive through your senses are either directly, or indirectly created by, modified by, experienced by, and understood by WORDS.

Words are the most powerful tool we have as humans to create, express, experience, understand, be understood, and affect and effect change in our lives and how we perceive it.

This country was formed by words. This podcast you are listening to and maybe watching was created by, fueled by, and literally lives and dies by words.

So this show is going to be broken up in 2 parts because this subject matter is just way too important and broad to try and deliver in just one episode. As a matter of fact. This show will be broken up in two parts and then broken out even further for coaching clients to digest at coachwithtw3.com and through some other Elite Training at TW3 later on. So you are in for a treat!

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